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Marc Jacobs Has the the Must-Have Bag for Spring 2008. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & ACCESSORIES BLOG

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Running the entire Spring 2008 show in reverse - starting by opening with his final bow, followed by the last look (#56) and then the rest of the run-of-show in descending order - Marc Jacobs presented a Galliano-worthy spectacle to showcase thought-provoking clothes; the collection touched on the theme of transparency & what lies beneath the typical fashionable suit of clothing armor. Each age has its organizing principle: the Industrial Revolution was about production & the science of chemistry, while the 20th century saw space travel & a man walk on the moon for the first time during the age of physics. And the new millenium welcomed the decoding of the human genome and continues to explore the inner space that falls within the realm of biology.

Transparency also has a useful fashion function: if you ever needed an incentive to keep your bag content organized, this is it, while the clever vintage touch of attaching the change purse to the outside keeps the cell, keys, and, yes, change handy & accessible.

- Lesley Scott


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