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Get Gorgeous for Your Own Red Carpet Moments with Laser Hair Removal. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG

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Recurring weddings, galas, travel plans, yourself a favor and invest in a bit of advance hair-removal primping for fuss-free beauty on the go. "The most essential thing to keep in mind when preparing your skin for an event is your timeline," advises Morgan, owner of NYC's Phoenix Rising Laser. "A full treatment regime can take up to 5 months as certain skin zones have different result cycles associated with them. Sessions can range from 4 weeks for anything above the shoulders,  6 weeks for the torso, and up to 8 weeks below the waist."

Morgan shares these tips for optimum laser removal results:

  • STAY OUT OF THE SUN A recent suntan or sunburn can sensitize the area to be lasered and adversely affect treatment effectiveness, so plan on staying out of the sun for at least two to three weeks prior to treatment. Morgan recommends using a strong sun block with a minimum 20 SPF that is effective against both UVA and UVB light.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS, SHAVE Unlike waxing which requires you to show up as hairy as possible, laser treatments are just the opposite. The night before your laser appointment, shave the area to be treated free of all hair to avoid making the rookie mistake of showing up to your laser session looking like Chewbacca.
  • LAY OFF THE LOTION Because they can cause allergic reactions or reduce the efficiency of a treatment, keep the area to be lasered absolutely clean of any lotions, creams, makeup, sun block, perfume or any other chemicals or skincare products. Also avoid irritants in products containing glycolic acid or Retin-A for 5-7 days prior treatment.
  • BUILD IN SOME BEAUTY DOWNTIME “After your treatment, you may experience some redness or pinkness in the treated area," notes Morgan." This is normal and should subside within a day.” Nonetheless, if you're getting facial hair removed, don't plan to do it the same day as, say, that big presentation at work.
  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY...Your event is looming at the end of the month, and you're in a pinch! Morgan advises to fear not, and opt instead for a quick fix. “I suggest you have your treatment 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event; nothing sooner or later as the hair purges from your body between 5 to 14 days and you are left smooth for a couple of weeks longer before your next hair growth cycle.”
  • DON'T WORRY, THAT'S NOT REGROWTH  3-14 days after treatment, what looks like hair often re-surfaces; not to be confused with the dreaded re-growth, it's actually hair shedding out as the hair follicles purge any hairs remaining under the skin. “You may want to use a loofah or glove to help remove the hair as it falls out and create a smoother surface on your skin.”

Whether your event is just a few weeks or a few months away, silky smooth & hair-free skin can be yours in a short time...and the next event you'll need to plan is a funeral for your razor blades.

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- Lesley Scott


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