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The Top 20 Wide-Legged Jeans & Pants to Help Get a Leg up On the Flattering New Trouser Trend. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

While skinny jeans have always sounded like a great idea, they are simply not for all body types. If you're too non-Kate Moss, the silhouette can be less than flattering by emphasizing just what you don't want emphasized.

The antidote, however, is the elegant wide leg pant. These pants not only demand the wearer to slip into heels, which make any fashionista look more toweringly fabulous - always in fashion! - they also encourage the wearing of more dressy, ladylike tops, jewelry & accessories...all of which add up to an overall picture of  timeless, effortless chic.

The 20 best wide-legged pants, jeans & trousers:


  Fashion_2_8     Fashion_1_4 Fashion_3_8

Fashion_2_3  Fashion_3_3  Fashion_3_5

Fashion_1_5Fashion_16  Fashion_3_9     Fashion_1_3 

    Fashion_2_7 Fashion_2_4 Fashion_10

     Fashion_13 Fashion_14 Fashion_5

  Fashion_1_6 Fashion_9 Fashion_2_5

- Lesley Scott


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What a great roundup! I need to get a pair of these for fall!

Posted by: Natalie | Jul 6, 2007 8:31:13 PM

I'm so having flash backs here! I just got in on the tail end of bell bottoms. I had the coolest pair of Levi's back then. [sigh]

Posted by: Tammy | Jul 8, 2007 10:27:10 AM

As a straight guy in the fashion industry, I have a uniquely male perspective on this trend. It's a god send. Trust me, wide legged pants do wonders for a woman's lower half. They make your butt look great.

What's more, skinny jeans look like they'd be hard to get off, and frankly who wants that??

Mark Errington
Marketing Director - Queen of Suburbia Fashion.

Posted by: Mark Errington | Jul 8, 2007 1:55:57 PM

This is a great line up of wide legged jeans. Check out Genetic Denim's Mutated Twisted Seam Wide Leg Jean for another great option. They are sold at

Posted by: Gina | Jul 8, 2007 9:04:53 PM

love these jeans!!!!!!

Posted by: sean | Jul 20, 2007 4:38:02 AM

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