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Dress, Accessorize & Live a Fashionably Eco-Chic Life...both for Mother Earth & Your Karma. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & BEAUTY BLOG

It's all good & well to commit to being green, until you're actually confronted with the notion of being seen in public in hemp garments or hideous earth-whatever footwear. Thankfully, a raft of respectable & eco-minded designers have come out with enough chic garments, beauty products & home stuff that being earth-friendly no longer involves a tradeoff between your conscience & your sense of style.

Some of the best ways to be green at home, in your wardrobe, and with your beauty products:

Shopping_19 Shopping_18Fashion_4Shopping_8Shopping_20

  • Linda Loudermilk makes eco-chic a must have.
  • Slick on some all-natural lipstick - it's better for you & the environment -
  • An ensemble by Doie Designs, a line dedicated to fashionable earth-friendliness.
  • Fuchsia satin T-strap platforms from avowed vegan & animal-rights activist Stella McCartney.
  • Rock some ecologically-responsible jewelry from which uses only recycled precious metals & gemstones that don't contribute to destroying the earth through destructive mining practices.

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  • Colombian Tagua Nut bracelet which sustainably harvested from the rainforest. Sales proceeds help skilled local artisans get fair compensation & pursue higher education.
  • Stash it all in a metallic clutch made from repurposed candy wrappers & food packages.
  • Slip on a Stripe ring from Bali - 15% of the sales proceeds help local villagers and at-risk kids in Bali.


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  • Soak in the tub & add in all-natural, essential oil-filled Dr. Bronner's liquid soap as bubble bath. As an added benefit, the text-crammed label provides endless hours of wacky reading. (photo:
  • Be sure to set the mood with handcrafted, biodegradable & sustainable Pure Soy candles.


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  • Savor a glass of biodynamic wine, a method of growing grapes & making the wine that couldn't be more earth-friendly, not to mention pesticide-, chemical-, and additive-free. Try a 2003 Coulee de Serrant Chenin Blanc from forward-thinking French winemaker Nicolas Joly. Available at (photo:
  • Drink up in Tord Boontje glasses - made in Guatemala from recycled bottles as part of the Design with Conscience campaign that aims to use designs to foster humanitarian & environmental causes worldwide.

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  • Lounge around in a stylish & cozy organic cotton robe.
  • For more eco-chic ideas, curl up with a copy of It's Easy Being
  • And don't forget to light up with an energy-miserly fluorescent bulb, which uses 75% less energy, cuts down on coal burning at power plants, & reduces greenhouse gases & landfill.

- Lesley Scott


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