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Why Not Bet On Paris Hilton's Prison Adventure at Everyone Else is. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & POP CULTURE BLOG

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When Silent Screen actress Bebe Daniels received a 10-day jail sentence for speeding more than 20 mph over the speed limit in Santa Ana, California 86 years ago, she appeared in a fur and veiled hat on her first day in court. More than 1,500 spectators gathered outside the courthouse to get a glimpse of Daniels entering the prison, and over 750 visitors signed her guest book in under two weeks. Needless to say, her publicity agent took full advantage of her brush with the law and made sure theaters premiered her latest film.

Similarly, how will Paris Hilton use her ordeal to her advantage? How will she arrive to her first day in prison. Is a tell-all book in the works? And will she go the way of Martha Stewart, turning famous to infamous and back to famous again? has decided to showcase the largest collection of Paris Hilton prison bets on the planet with their Paris Prison Collection. "After placing 25 bets related to Paris Hilton – to spark the next round of bets – we expect others to add possibly hundreds over the next few weeks," notes Darren Shuster, media rep for, a social networking and betting website when users can place bets with each other for small monetary amounts or for the currency, peanuts.'s 25 PARIS HILTON PRISON BETS:

  1. Will Paris get a valid California Driver license back within 12 months?
  2. Will she have a moving violation within 6 months of exiting jail?
  3. Will she die her hair black to avoid attention from other inmates?
  4. Will there be rumors of book deals during her jail time?
  5. Will Hilton's first day in prison draw live protesters on the scene?
  6. Will she agree to have Oprah has her first post-jail interview?
  7. Will a Hilton prison movie be release?
  8. Will a prison sex tape be released?
  9. Will she write or sing a song about her jail experience?
  10. Will she arrive for her first day with an entourage or by her self?
  11. She will be visited in prison by at least five celebrities?
  12. Will Lohan visit her in prison?
  13. Will Richie visit her in prison?
  14. Will somebody create a Paris Prison Cell Phone Edition for their company?
  15. Her mother will be the first person to sign the Visitor Guest Book?
  16. Will Paris do Leno or Letterman first?
  17. Somebody will create a totally different list of more than 25 Paris bets in the next 7 days.
  18. Her prison guest book will include more than 100 names listed.
  19. Paris will publish a book from her prison notes.
  20. Will Paris make a new best friend in prison?
  21. Paris will gain weight to be less attractive to other inmates.
  22. Paris or her family will be accused of bribing security guards to give her special favors and comforts.
  23. There will be more than 100 Hilton prison parodies on You Tube in the next 30 days.
  24. The day Paris enters prison she will get more media attention than the American educational system?
  25. Will Paris be photographed smiling as she exits prison?


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Brilliant! I could easily think of an extra 25 bets. I'm on the case... Oh, and I bet I'll find a way to sneak in and get the first "in jail" autograph. Watch me!

Posted by: Jonathan | May 23, 2007 4:27:51 PM

Dear Paris Hilton,
I'm glad you are going to jail.May be in jail you will use your brain for one in your life.That because you had money don't mean you can do what ever you want.You could have killed some body.Drinking and driving is dangerous.You have money get a driver to drive you home.You could have been kill by drinking and driving.You have a bad reputation.Its like you don't even give a damn.Will you should care about your reputation.Maybe you would want to run for something but you can't because of your past history.Want you turn the negative things you are doing into a positive.Don't you want people to see you as a nice young women.When the sex tape leak out you were ashame of it.You the only one who could change Pairs is you.Nobody is perfect.But we don't keep making the same mistakes over and over.You have gave the Hilton family a bad name.If you wasn't rich would you be acting like this.No you wouldn't because you wouldn't have the money.You have show the media that you have nothing up stairs.And that sad.You have shown us that you are not very bright.Don't you no people would kill for your fame.You never had to struggle in your life.So you don't know the value of life.What do you have to offer your fans.Nothing but fake and phony.Do you really care about your fans.No you care about the attention you get from them.Hoping that will still support you money wise.I haven't brought none of your items.Because I'm ashame to wear your items.I want you to grow up.Soon you will be in your thirty.Looking back you are going to regret some things you did.You might want people to forget who you were back then.But people never going to forget.You are a beautiful women.But you are ugly on the inside.I think somewhere inside of you is a sad little girl.Crying out for help.Maybe something hurtful happen in your childhood.I serious Paris I want you to get your life together.So I can start supporting you with item to buy from you.

Posted by: LA TANIA WILLIAMS | May 26, 2007 8:47:36 PM

Dear Paris Hilton,

During your stay in prison, I'm confident that
you will come out on top in the end. All that is
needed is for you to come up with the motivated
idea of what will work for you. I'd say write
a book about the challenges you've encountered
over the years that led up to this time of your
life. Then, you would need to decide what you
intend to do with your life after you stay in
prison. It doesn't take money to rebuild your
life and with your beauty and brains(though some
would say otherwise)you can do anything you want.
Good luck and God Bless you, too.

Posted by: Chrissy Bowers | May 30, 2007 12:20:35 PM

i think u will have more time to think abount stuff that has happen and think that u wish to do in the future i also want to become o model hopefully this summer.keep up the good work i like when some one go for what they want even if it mean behony. deliah a jamaican girl

Posted by: deliah brown | Jun 1, 2007 10:03:41 PM

I as the #1 Prankster know for a fact Paris Hilton went in as old fish due to her relation ship with Britney "Bald Eagle"Spears as their late night at Beaver World anything goes especially Spears Beaver show.

Posted by: Jamie Lockridge | Jun 7, 2007 11:46:42 AM

Dear Paris Hilton,

I am very glad that you're back in prison. Maybe you'll recognize, that money isn't all that can make you popular and that money can't saving you from prison. Your self-pity is to barf and I think you are old enough to notice which behavior is right in future.

I think that your parents do everything wrong in your breeding and that your behavior is their exception. Furtermore I feel a lot of pity for your sister Niki, because it must be very disconcerting to have such a person in the own family.

Maybe in the following weeks you'll learn something about socialization in prison and I hope that the american court won't let you free again, cause you're playing the lonely, absurd, immature and mentally disordered girl.


A german fan of american law

Posted by: Nightdriver | Jun 8, 2007 7:49:00 PM

I am conflicted...feel that justice should be equal. Maybe if the rich had to obey our laws, the laws would be more fair. Maybe if they had to go to our jails, the jails wouldn't be so neglected, forgotten and horrible.

But, I'm human too and pity most of the people in our jails and prisons. Seeing Paris cry on her way back to jail made me worry about how much people seem to be enjoying this.

I just sent her a book to read. A collection of poems and dark, but inspiring short stories called: 'Daydreams & Nightmares' (see the link).

Maybe we could all send someone in jail and in the hospitals a book...imagine the power of that!

hugs to all!

Melinda Swiatkowski

Posted by: Melinda Swiatkowski | Jun 8, 2007 10:45:47 PM


The Twin Towers professional staff has positively diagnosed Paris Hilton’s condition.

Miss Hilton has been confirmed to be suffering from an advanced case of HUTAS (Head Up The Ass Syndrome). Hilton exhibits the advanced symptoms related to a patient with their head clearly up their ass. It is known that if HUTAS isn’t diagnosed and treated in its early stages, the condition suffocates the brain and leads to irreversible systemic damage. Symptoms are characterized by a lack of intelligence, muffled hysteria and blind arrogance which enlarges the head making it more difficult to cure the disease.

Treatment for HUTAS includes applying repeated and sufficient force to each side of the buttocks with one’s foot. Having the patient walking or running while their buttocks is booted builds psychological remedy for the patient and satisfaction for the treatment specialist. Most professionals agree that in Miss Hilton’s case, several hundred treatment sessions will be required to obtain full remission. Due to the expected long and arduous recovery period, it is recommended that the public at large be recruited to administer treatments.

Posted by: qwkinuf | Jun 10, 2007 4:19:49 PM

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