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Cruelty-free Fashion Statements that Make You Look Great & Make a Difference to Our 4-Legged Friends. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

Shopping_14 Sienna Miller tells it like it is.

The fact that Sienna Miller was photographed walking her doggies in this groovy Humane Society hoodie emblazoned with Club Sandwiches Not Seals - which contributes to the fight against the Canadian seal hunt - pretty much ensures her status on the top of the Fashion It-Girl foodchain in our book. 

Why not take a fashion tip from Ms. Miller & support businesses that help rather than harm our fab four-legged friends with these clothes, accessories & accoutrements that make it easy & chic to support animal rights causes:

Shopping_2  Shopping_3Shopping_10

  • Help save the baby seals & abolish the cruel Canadian seal hunt forever with a Humane Society hoodie from
  • Let an adorable baby chick on this I am Not a Nugget messenger bag remind people that chickens are more than the sum of their parts. At
  • Don a pin made from pig-latin, reclaimed magazines & catalogs, and mounted on scraps of plastic destined for the landfill.

Shopping_6 Shopping_8 Shopping_9


  • Avoid supporting animal research altogether by giving a miss to animal- and animal-derived ingredients with this handy guide available from
  • Wear your cause on your sleeve (so to speak) by "adopting" a primate & donating to the Animal Protection Institute - where more than 400 nonhuman promates have been rescued from abusive situations in labs, zoos & bad owners, and finally have a second chance at a more natural life.

- Lesley Scott


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The best, quickest and most relaible way to ensure you buy cruelty-free non animal tested cosmetics, toiletries and household products is to visit the BUAV's fab new site

Posted by: marylouise | Jun 1, 2007 6:46:27 AM

Thanks for writing about this Lesley!

There is no reason not be a compassionate shopper these days when there are so many fashionable alternatives available. Thanks for letting others know!

Posted by: Allie | Jun 7, 2007 3:52:11 PM

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