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The Most Fashionable Celebrites Fight...for Human Rights, the Earth & Other Worthy & Vital Charities. The Top 10 Celebrity Causes. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

Once you've bought everything thing you've ever desired, indulged every whim & spent more than you ever thought possible...and still have more money than you'll ever need, what next? Celebrities with true heart are using their wealth and their influential public platform to make it chic to care and give.  Whether it's fighting the scourge of AIDS in Africa using the proceeds from fashionable gadgets (Bono), bringing attention to homelessness (Jon Bon Jovi), fighting for the environment (Leonardo diCaprio), helping the victims of war & natural disasters (Ellen DeGeneres) or donating red carpet ensembles to aid worthy charities (Beyonce), the true stars know that giving back is the new black:

The Top 10 celebs with a heart that we heart:


1. Bono   CharityCharity_10    Fighting the ravages of HIV/AIDS in Africa. (PRODUCT) RED

2. Ellen DeGeneres Charity_16 Fighting for the victims of war, violence & natural disasters.

3. Angelina Jolie Charity_13 Fighting to make a difference to education, health, environment & community development through music. Yele Haiti Foundation

4. Don Cheadle Charity Fighting man's inhumanity to man in war-torn regions like Darfur. Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur & Beyond. Available at

5. Beyonce Charity_15 Fighting autism through fashion. Clothes Off Our Back Foundation

6. Leonardo diCaprio Charity_2 Fighting for Mother Earth.

7. Kate Moss Charity_14 Fighting to make poverty history.

8. Jon Bon Jovi Charity_12 Fighting for the homeless. 

9. Oprah Charity_11 Fighting for the world's women, children & families -

10. George Clooney Charity_3 Fighting to make us stay aware & engaged.

- Lesley Scott


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"Fighting autism" may be fashionable in some quarters, but large numbers of autistic people worldwide are instead seeking to gain respect as a social minority group, worthy of acceptance and human rights.

To Beyonce and anyone else who may be thinking about donating to Autism Speaks or another "fighting autism" group: Please think twice about it. That money is being used for eugenics research to develop a prenatal test for routine abortion of autistic children. One of the leading researchers, Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, stated in a Feb. 2005 interview on that autism genetic research could lead to a prenatal test within 10 years:

If you really want to help autistic people, give instead to charities that promote social acceptance of neurodiversity, such as The Autism Acceptance Project.

Posted by: Bonnie Ventura | Apr 13, 2007 6:52:09 PM

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