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Some of the Best Beauty Products in the World are to be Found in the Supermarket & on your Plate, as explained in "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolfe. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG


You are what you eat, and in this roadmap to a better, stronger, happier - and yes, more beautiful - you, Wolfe reveals what an art form proper nutrition is, every bite a brush stroke, every swallow a new color.

From the technical nuts-and-bolts about foods that are high in the cleansing, energizing & beautifying minerals silicon & sulphur - such as aloe vera, arugula, burdock, cucumbers, figs, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, nettles, olives, onions, pumpkin seeds, radishes, turmeric & watercress - to papaya (loaded with natural enzymes), durian (contains the amino acid tryptophan with increases seretonin in the brain), and coconut (lauric acid -  antifungal and antiviral), Wolfe also explains how "good" fats can help create a gorgeous new you.

In addition to showing how to cleanse, nourish, and beautify with a fresh-food diet, Klein focuses on the mental component, showing how the proper amount of sleep and activities like yoga create a sunny, happy outlook that literally makes you glow.

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- Lesley Scott


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With summer upon us and temperatures rising, it’s especially important to look…and smell…fresh. And I’m not talking about the nauseating aroma of a cliché men’s cologne that practically knocks you over when “that guy” passes by. Rather, this summer’s scent should make you feel cool, clean and confident.

The Thymes Azur Collection can take you there. Inspired by the energy of the sea, Azur’s invigorating scent will instantly whisk you away to your own tropical locale – without the anxiety of slipping on that bathing suit for the first time of the season. The collection features fragrances of watery marine, water lily, jasmine, amber and musk to provide the ultimate sea experience, sans seaweed and sand.

No lass wants to be lured by the overpowering aroma of a heavy perfume…it’s just not right for summer. When the sleeves get shorter and the days get longer, it’s only fitting that your bath & body collection should lighten up, too. The Thymes Azur Collection is THE collection of Summer 2007 - for the beach bum who frolics by day to the ladies’ man who charm by night.

The Azur collection ranges in prices from $6.00 to $25.00 and is available at specialty stores across the country (don't hesitate to ask where it can be found by you!) and online at I would be happy to provide any additional information or samples you may require, as well as discuss other fabulous story ideas. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope you will keep the Thymes in mind for an upcoming feature.

Kind regards,

Bath Salts Envelope (2 oz) - $6.00 /retail

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Bar Soap (7 oz) - $10.00 /retail

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Hand Wash (8.25 oz) - $10.00 /retail

Hand Lotion (8.25 oz) - $11.00 / retail

Sink Set (8.25 oz x2) - $24.00 / retail

Poured Aromatic Candle (5.3 oz) - $25.00 / retail

Home Fragrance Mist (3 oz) - $16.00 / retail

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