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FASHIONWEEK Fall 2007: The Most Interesting Trends from the London Shows. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

London is generally an experimental and interesting fashionweek; there must be something in the water (sorely lacking in NYC) that encourages young designers to do something imaginative.

Just as in the New York collections, a strain of seasonless dressing emerged in London; diaphanous cream-colored confections fit for fall in the age of global warming. Other interesting looks encompassed a feeling of clothing as armor, with oversized knits that resembled Medieval chainmail, puffer jackets reminscent of boned, voluminous Tudor bodices, and even a PVC-clad Robocop.  Still protective in feel - but expressed in a softer, more sculptural way - was the parade of fabric cocoons which swaddled, wrapped, encircled & in some cases engulfed the body in yards of soft knit or rustly taffeta. The protective element also played out as layers - mixed, matched & thrown on in almost a bag lady way, spontaneously and without apparent forethought.

Slouchy/chic trousers, and somber grey dresses were inspired by the practical uniform of menswear, while colorful hits of red will make for a cheery fall, along with well as bold prints, shiny metallics, and large, eyecatching hats & headgear - the more voluminous, the better.

The Top 10 Trends from London:

  1. Body Armor
  2. Clothing Cocoons
  3. Layers & Layers of Bag Lady Chic
  4. Slouchy-Chic Trousers
  5. Menswear-Inspired Grey Dresses
  6. Lady in Red
  7. Brash Prints & Bold Hues
  8. Seasonless Style
  9. Metallics
  10. Extravagant Hats & Headgear

We also reviewed the following London shows:

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Here are the Top 10 more interesting trends from London Fall Fashionweek 2007:

1. Body Armor

Trends_london_41  Trends_london_18 Trends_london_30

Trends_london_1 Trends_london_57 Trends_london_20

top: Giles, Louise Goldin (Fashion East), Marios Schwab
bottom: Aquascutum,Julien Macdonald, Gareth Pugh

2. Clothing Cocoons

Trends_london_47 Trends_london_52 Trends_london_14

Trends_london_42  Trends_london_22  Trends_london_38

top: Roksanda Ilincic, Basso & Brooke, Chemena Kamali
bottom: Giles, Hamish Morrow, Peter Jensen

3. Layers & Layers of Bag Lady Chic

Trends_london_21  Trends_london_1_8 Trends_london_1_3

Trends_london_1_1 Trends_london_1_2 Trends_london_24

top: Hamish Morrow, Gareth Pugh, Kumiko Watari (Central Saint Martins)
bottom: Annalisa Dunn (CSM), Anna Schmidt Risak (CSM), Marc by Marc Jacobs

4. Slouchy-Chic Trousers

Trends_london_49  Trends_london_62  Trends_london_25

Trends_london_46  Trends_london_5 Trends_london_34

top: Todd Lynn, Nicole Farhi, Marc by Marc Jacobs
bottom: Topshop, Biba, Paul Smith Women 

5. Menswear-Inspired Grey Dresses

Trends_london Trends_london_7 Trends_london_66

Trends_london_39  Trends_london_27 Trends_london_45

top: Aquascutum, Biba, Jasper Conran
bottom: Peter Jensen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topshop

6. Lady in Red

Trends_london_8  Trends_london_37   Trends_london_64

Trends_london_40 Trends_london_36  Trends_london_26 

top: Pavel Ivancic (Central Saint Martins), Danielle Scutt (Fashion East), Eley Kishimoto
bottom: Peter Jensen, Paul Smith Women, Marc by Marc Jacobs 

7. Brash Prints & Bold Hues

Trends_london_63 Trends_london_11 Trends_london_19

Trends_london_44 Trends_london_16 Trends_london_13   

top: Eley Kishimoto, Kumiko Watari (Central Saint Martins), Henry Holland (Fashion East)
bottom: Giles, Duro Olowu, Louise Gray (Central Saint Martins)

8. Seasonless Style

Trends_london_32 Trends_london_12  Trends_london_43

Trends_london_60 Trends_london_48 Trends_london_56

top: Noir, Seon Ju Kam (Central Saint Martins), Giles
bottom: Sinha-Stanic, Roksanda Ilincic, Julien Macdonald

9. Metallics

Trends_london_54 Trends_london_1_10 Trends_london_33

Trends_london_67 Trends_london_15 Trends_london_28

top: Basso & Brooke, Sinha-Stanic, Noir
bottom: Danielle Scutt (Fashion East), Christopher Kane, Marc by Marc Jacobs

10. Extravagant Hats & Headgear

Trends_london_1_7 Basso & Brooke Trends_london_1_5 Giles

Trends_london_1_9 Roksanda Ilincic  Trends_london_1_6 Louise Goldin (Fashion East)

- Lesley Scott

(Photos: Basso & Brooke, Julian Macdonald, Nicole Fahri, Eley Kishimoto & Jasper Conran - nymag; all others -


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