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From art exhibits to massive coffeetable books and now "The Factory Girls" starring girl-about-town Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick - which will be out in February 2007 in order to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his death - Andy Warhol appears to be enjoying the longest 15 minutes of fame...ever.

And now Barneys has joined the fray, building their holiday marketing & decorating strategy – windows & visual displays, direct mail, advertising & limited edition merchandise, shopping bags that look doodled on - around the acquisitive artist, whose enthusiastic attitude toward shopping and collecting things eventually left only two of the five rooms in his Manhattan townhouse habitable. "This is the first year we're just going kapow. It's in every piece of our marketing. This is a huge deal for us," Simon Doonan, Barneys creative director told WWD. "I'd been thinking I wanted to do something art-related for holiday 2006," Doonan said. "There's a huge dimension to Warhol. There's Andy the artist, Andy the filmmaker, Andy the magazine editor, Andy the social butterfly and Andy the businessman. He has more dimensions than Salvador Dali or Picasso. It's great fodder for the windows. Plus, he was a window dresser. I feel a kinship."

For proper Warholian hols, here is what Barneys has on offer:

  • Window displays depicting various periods in Warhol’s life: as a fashion illustrator when he first came to New York; the Factory period with Sedgwick & the Velvet Underground, represented by silk-screened images of Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor; out-on-the-town as a social butterfly in the 70s & 80s- "from Liza to Basquiat and from Studio 54 to Area. He went out every night. He went to openings for toilets. For him, it was all work. He would use it to get commissions and ads for Interview." And lastly, his collecting, represented by "a giant shelving unit in the shape of the artist's head will be packed with the detritus of his extreme hunting and gathering, everything from button-filled jars to china to, yes, soup cans."
  • Warhol Factory X Levi's wax-coated jeans for $185
  • Gift cards
  • $270 denim trucker jacket with a Warhol portrait on the back
  • hooded sweatshirt with a banana print, $176
  • limited-edition $12 Campbell's soup cans with reproductions of Warhol labels

(via WWD)

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- Lesley Scott

(photos: Talaya Centeno for WWD)


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$270 is a bit much to spend on a Trucker Jacket..

I got mine here..

Levi Strauss Signature - Men's Authentics Trucker Jacket $17.00 (was: $24.00)

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