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State of the Fashion Union #3: What the Bloggers are Saying. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The State of the Fashion Union - the Fashion & Lifestyle Blogosphere weighs in for Tuesday, January 31, 2006:

Much of the state of the fashion union starts with the schools that train and pump out graduates. Verbal Croquis gives the system the once over with her gimlet eye, and the system doesn't come out lookin' too stylish. In order to stay relevant, schools need to de-glamorize the industry & help prepare students for a career they'll succeed at - rather than investing vast sums of time and cash in a business they think they'll dig. As an added bonus, she suggests fun curriculum changes such as classes in "How to Produce a Fashion Show aka How to Work with Skinny Models All Day and Not Develop an Eating Disorder" and "Cantonese for Garmentos 101 aka How to Tell Your Contractor That They Did Everything Wrong"

Fashion vs. style - make no mistake, there is a difference. The Fashionable Kiffen explains that while fashion is part of the culture and a huge industry - ie. a fashionable type would rock the new "formal" shorts, textured tights, frilly blouse, and Chloe'esque bag - style is a means of personal expression, and the stylish fashionista would rock these elements at different times...provided they actually fit with their personal vision of how they want to represent themselves visually.

Part of the difference between fashion and style is the way each is approached. Erin at Dress a Day explains that when a fashionable person sees a dress, bag or shoe, they tend to think in absolutes: "love it!" "hate it!" and eventually, after much overexposure, become indifferent - like Uggs, once fashionable but never stylish.  A stylish person, however, will see a dress and think, "I like this and this, but would change this, that, and the other."

Balenciaga-obsessed (we feel you here!), Kimair loves the spring collection, but has a beef with the lofty prices.

It's wedding season, and what's the first thing that comes to mind? The dress, of course, which Never teh Bride points out is usually an oversized & lacy princess gown - something that conforms to your friends' and family's expectations of what a "wedding dress" is. Which is why the giant white meringue shows no sign of yielding to the times, fashion, or just about anything else. While we love change, we also hold our traditions dear, so even the most fashion-forward woman will - when transformed into a bride-to-be - opt for a poofy confection over a sharp-edged runway creation.

Fight the Man! At Shangri Law, the fashion Fash'ists are in for a bitch-slapping for turning women into clothes hangers, rather than creating fashions that women actually will wear & look good. Citing the case of the recent Kate Moss cocaine-snorting scandal, who was simply living up to the image they created, H&M dropped her as their spokesperson for not being "healthy, wholesome and sound" - they wonder what's wrong with a business that feigns shock when one of its products actually prove effective.

And the State of the Men's Fashion Union is....the same ole' same ole reports The Bag Snob. Other than a groovy puffy shirt at McQueen and a bunch of "skinny and gay looking models", the song remains the same.

White is still NOT the new black reaffirm La Dolce Divas, even though Valentino - like Chanel - sent a gorge and, yes, white-filled collection down the spring couture runway, filled with curve-enhancing skirts and flattering frocks.

Has all the hoopla surrounding Fashionweek got ya scratching your head? You're not alone. Girl a Whirl gets to the heart of the fashionable frenzy.

Forget waiting months after Fashionweek to see how fashion is presented and "preached about in Vogue and Bazaar" says The Beauty Newsletter. She also suggests that designers forgo million dollar production shows - which keeps many a small designer out of the game - and posting small collection previews which could easily be blogged about, or even letting fashionistas comment on designs before they're committed to fabric.

Hellooooo...that's Asia calling says Making Things, and in Shanghai - yuppie central - you are what you buy. Where five years ago, wealthy Chinese had to visit Paris for their LV, today, every luxury brand is well represented in China. And just as every world capital tries to revamp their image through fashion, China is no different, so stay tuned.

Just like the love, the creativity is gone in fashion...but is it? The Fashiontribes editors podcast/discuss the demise of London, the rise & influence of alternative fashionweeks like Australia, and how streetfashion is the new muse. They also list their spring must-have fashion picks.

- Lesley Scott

(NOTE: For Summary #1 of what the bloggers are saying, click here. For summary #2, click here.)

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Love the fact you you posted what other bloggers think. Great opinions that I tend to agree with wholeheartedly!

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