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State of the Fashion Union #2: What the Bloggers are Saying. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The State of the Fashion Union - the Fashion & Lifestyle Blogosphere weighs in for Monday, January 30th, 2006:

Is death chic the new black of makeup? Kim at I Am Pretty NYC fears so. While the garments are gorge, makeup maven Pat McGrath's makeup has been less so. Out of control dead at Dior, hospital green corpse bride eyes at Chanel, and a cocaine-overdosed Eurotrash Powerbitch from the 80s at, of all places, Valentino. Yikes.

La Dolce Divas - who fess up to being Coco Chanel-obsessed (aren't we all?!) - pick their diva-worthy faves from the recent Chanel couture spring 2006 show. Lots & lots & LOTS of white, but, they stress, white is NOT going to be the new black.

Are runway shows an over-hyped promotional tool - money-losing endeavors which solely benefit established designers with tons of dough, and cringe-worthy if done on a budget? Final Fashion takes on the ins and outs of the circus that is the fashion show. Also, the traditional fashion "seasons" are out of kilter with how people actually live & buy clothes...and the fashion cycles need to reflect that new reality.

The transformative power of a new haircut, the perfect shade of lipstick or a just-right little black dress is not to be underestimated. But, The Fashionable Kiffen warns, take a makeover for what it's worth because whether you're in Kmart or Chanel, it's still you. She also makes the point that the growing power of the Asian market - both as designers & consumers - will only increase the influence of Asian-inspired trends in the West.

Dig fashion? You'll need a hefty bankroll. Those clever fashionistas at I Am Fashion point out that dad knows best, passing along this bit of fatherly wisdom: if you want to sport Prada and Gucci, you'll need a good job & a fancy company & employment in "a serious business district."

Predictions are the order of the day at The Bag Snob. With Nicole Richie shilling for Jimmy Choo, Mischa Barton at the Dior couture show and Balenciaga doing maternity for Gwyneth Paltrow, la Snob wonders what we have come to: will Lil' Kim will be the new spokesmodel for Prada, Star Jones Reynolds pose for Armani's new campaign and Vera Wang do an entire maternity bridal line?

Christian Lacroix's Spring 2006 collection inspired Designer Ella at Kiss Me Stace to sing his praises. She also discusses the way in which the media tends to portray fashionistas poorly.

This time, the revolution will be televised, IM'ed, cellphon'ed, internet'ed, blogged, vlogged, and podcasted. It's the Revolt of the Super Chicks, points out Counterfeit Chic. In this third wave feminism - the first being the right to vote & ditch your corset a la Coco Chanel, and the second being the right to pursue a professional career - there is no a commitment to individuality and playful paradox whereby you can have a boyfriend one week & a girlfriend the next, enjoy peircings with your piety, and rock flip flops with an evening gown. As sports bonding gives way to shoe bonding, and burka-clad chicks are heading back to the beauty salon en masse, today's supa-sistah no longer dresses for men or anyone else...she goes forth, creates, contradicts & doesn't feel compelled to copy.

Yes, Japan is known for its food, sushi, kooky fashions, and the bullet trains, but did you know they have amazing craft stores and a craft industry? Andrea Tung of Making Things points out that Japanese craft books are widely available and beautiful with gorgeously prop-styled pix, easy to follow visual instructions, and a European aesthetic that out Frenches the French. From how to make clothes to accessories, supercute dolls to of course knitting and crocheting, it hard to limit yourself to one of these style-driven craft how tos. Can't make it to Tokyo anytime soon? Pick one up on ebay.

And thanks to Bunnyshop for a refreshing F**k Fashionweek take on the whole affair. In our brainless, Uggs-and-power suits moment - where Tara Reid is considered a cultural arbiter and Jenny McCarthy is a best-selling author - Bunnyshop longs for a return to the good ole days when Fashionweek was about, well, fashion, and attended by buyers and editors in the business rather than this year's goodie-bag obsessed celebutantes.

- Lesley Scott

(NOTE: For Summary #1 on what the bloggers are saying, click here.)

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