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Start the new year with new hobbies-Learn to knit with a handy guide!-Fashiontribes Book Blog


Always wanted to do the handmade scarf thing?  Me too.  Enter Learn To Knit-the perfect guide to help you learn the crafty hobby.

Book Description

Creative Arts & Crafts’ Learn to Knit helps readers learn the most popular needle craft in today's market! This centuries-old craft is suddenly popular again with a new generation of crafters. Knitters young and old, new and experienced have found knitting to be a rewarding, creative hobby and a great way to enjoy leisure time. Learn to Knit is the perfect guide for the beginner. Starting with the basics of casting on and simple stitches, readers will quickly move up to shaping garments and creating finished pieces, from charming scarves to fashionable sweaters.

About the Author
Penny Hill works as a hand-knitting consultant and has been a pattern compiler for knitwear designers such as Debbie Bliss, Sian Brown, Jean Moss, and Edina Ronay, as well as contributing her own designs to a number of knitting magazines and books.


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