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Shorts and Tights will be my fall/winter fashion Blog

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Ok, so I couldn't actually find pictures of the combination of shorts and tights together, but I feel it is an awesome look for fall.  As soon as it gets cold, I am going to break out all the woolen, warm leg tights.  And I am going to wear my summer staples-Wool, Tweed and denim shorts-over them.  I think, with cute flats and sweet, low heels it could become a signature.  You'll have cute bottoms, stay warm, and look quite adorable.


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Ohh please do!!

I can't wait for the death of the ridiculous idea that shorts and tights (or pantyhose) are a fashion no-no.

It is such an attractive look and hey - men can do it too.


Posted by: Geraden | Sep 14, 2005 8:35:38 AM

woo! Someone else aggrees with me =D
I've been planning on wearing shorts & tights to a restaurante, my friend is celebrating his birthday at, and anyone i've told about it seems to think it will look terrible! And they started making me doubt weather i should or not.... but now i've found some1 that actually agrees for a change =D So i'm gonna go 4 it haha. I first saw the look on Keira Knightly, which is where i got the idea from but i didnt think anyone else would dare try it.... but now I'm deffo gonna!! So thanks for givin me that faith bak lol :)

Posted by: Zoe | Aug 16, 2006 12:39:43 PM

you cant go wrong with a pair of shorts and some black 40 denier tights. it's even surprisingly warm

Posted by: Lils | Jan 7, 2007 3:26:53 PM

I'm definitely wearing my grey wool longer length shorts with patterned or solid tights. If I wear a solid knit sweater I go with the pattern tights. If I wear this cute plaid jacket with the shorts, I wear solid. Looks great with peep toe wedge heels.

Posted by: kim | Feb 3, 2007 1:56:07 PM

hi !!! i saw the tights with shorts , i went to bournemouth ,england . almost all the girls use that i think that look very fashion but never use the jeans short . use it with a cool short with drawns or cool figures.

Posted by: thalia | Aug 13, 2007 5:19:10 PM

Hi, i love this look- really extends your summer warderobe, and it makes a change to skirts! short "city" shorts that have checks etc. look great with black opaques (as long as there not brown of course!), i also wear my demim short with ribbed navy tights which i think looks cute.
Rachel do you remember where the long socks/stockings were from? I really like them! thankyou

Posted by: hattie | Jan 4, 2008 7:07:06 AM

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