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Men's Fashion Blog: Check out the "Fashiontribes Fellow", Our New Fashion Blog Just for Guys! FASHIONTRIBES MEN'S FASHION BLOG & PODCAST

Men's Fashion Blog: Check out the "Fashiontribes Fellow", Our New Fashion Blog Just for Guys! FASHIONTRIBES MEN'S FASHION BLOG - MP3 File

You've asked. You've begged. You even tried pleading. Well it worked!

Ftf_fred_astaire_1 All you guys wanting us to cover men's our newest Fashiontribes blogger: Jason, the Fashiontribes Fellow. He is as obsessed as we are with threads & he's got the latest and greatest on everything you need to know about men's fashion.

If you have any fashion-related dilemmas, questions or puzzles - send him an email: [email protected].

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Chris guys

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Hey, while we're on a link frenzy, can I add mine?

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Posted by: sheeplover | Feb 10, 2007 6:40:21 PM

Posted by: sheeplover | Feb 10, 2007 6:41:33 PM

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Posted by: Jennifer | Aug 29, 2007 1:18:07 AM

I don't see much on the fashion blogs about men's dress hats, but they're making a big comeback.

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