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From Kelly Wearstler and KWID to Studio Job-Fashiontribes has obsessions too-like Todd Oldham, Textured wallpaper and cardboard blog & podcast

Home Decor a la KWID, Todd Oldham, Studio Job, The Future Perfect and ReturDesign-Just a few of Fashiontribes Favorites-MP3 File

Oldham_1_400 Oldham_2_400 Ah, the home.  The very essence of your being.  If your anything like me, you have a revolving door of grand schemes for how to decorate and re-decorate ye olde homestead.  From custom plaster and wood items to crazy fruit shaped chandeliers, I have sampled it all.  In high school, I went through a rough phase that involved nailing gumball machine type items to my wall.  After a stint of Empire Records obsession, I glued coins to anything that stayed stationary.  Middle school involved astro-turf rugs and then set lists from concerts.  I have truly been everywhere.

Oldham_3_275 Oldham_4_275 Now, of course, my tastes are slightly more sophisticated.  After a custom picnic table for my dining room was ordered, I began a crazy obsession with items that would make my house the ultimate pad.  From custom plaster cameos to a couch that looks as if it were wood paneled, I love seeking out an array of unusual items that would make my home feel personal.  In that vein, I thought I would share some of the things I currently can't get over-home decor edition.

4689815_600 KELLY WEARSTLER-Super-fabulous interior designer, Wearstler has been the stylish subject of many a Vogue article.  Besides stunning personal style, her interiors are hybrid perfection, blending seamlessly the old and the new.

  • Ph_rese2 KWID- Wearstler's design firm has completed projects ranging from Body English, the swank hot-spot club at Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel to The Viceroy Anguilla.  Soon, she will unveil a project for Bergdorf Goodman's revamped eatery.
  • Bodyenglish HOUSE OF KWID- Wearstler is also launching a line of products-from rugs to wall coverings that will bear her company name.  Of course her signature line is perfectly stylish and ideal for any home.
  • 7312560 MODERN GLAMOUR- the tome to swear by.  Wearstler gives tips and ideas on how to achieve seamless glamour in your own home.

Mid1_on_05 TEXTURED WALLPAPER-I adore a bit of texture on the walls.  From applying it straight on to putting it on screens, textured wallpaper is ideal for the home.  Right now, I love the Costa Rica print from Redstr/Collective at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn.

Jan22pic2 TODD OLDHAM-From 90's It-Boy to designer du jour, It seems there is nothing Oldham can't do.  I became totally obsessed with him when he had his segment on MTV's House of Style, and after seeing pictures of his home (they provide the first 4 photos of this post), I realized he really is a creative genius.

  • Hh_joanottoman_366 TODD OLDHAM FOR LA-Z-BOY-Besides being uber-cool, Oldham has a line of furniture and accessories in collaboration with La-Z-Boy.  The sectional is awesome and comfy, and you can get it in a wood grain print (guess who has one?).  From over-sized houndstooth seats to great rugs, the line features it all.
  • Hotel TODD OLDHAM DESIGNS-Todd Oldham Studio does everything from graphic design to plate and furniture design and photo shoots.  If your lucky, maybe you can get him to work on a project for you.
  • 9029263 HAND MADE MODERN-This book is a design bible.  With a foreword from our own doll-like Julia Szabo, this book features a ton of awesome project ideas and home suggestions that you can accomplish without oodles of cash or pesky professional help.

Expo RETURDESIGN SWEDEN CARDBOARD 2X2 SHELVING- I know it's a Frank Gehry trademark, but I love the stuff this Swedish company puts out.  This shelving is a tad bit on the steep side of pricing (around 800) but it is sturdy and awesome looking.  I love that they made the cardboard have dimension, which makes it have a more traditional appearance.  Each cubby is roomy and sturdy enough to hold books, but I would love it as a clothing storage unit.

150jobkaart01 150jobe1150jobchains STUDIO JOB- Studio Job is not only 2 supremely attractive people, but their 2 brainy designers.  From the Netherlands, they forged friendship with other Dutch sultans like Viktor & Rolf and Delft.  From traditional blue and white Delft China adorned with a gun or butterfly pattern to paper mache furniture (middle picture), their ideas are crazy insane imaginative.  Even though it really doesn't fall into the home decor section, I love the over-sized charm necklaces they did in conjunction with Viktor  & Rolf.  I covet the vases they recently made- taking cues from traditional forms, they produced antique looking vases that appeared to be rusted and green with age. 


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