Your Shoes Let You See Into Your Sole - Meghan "Miss Meghan" Cleary's New Book "The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You" Explains Personality Types Through Shoe Choices - WEEKLY FASHIONTRIBES FASHION PODCAST

Fashiontribes Interview with Meghan Cleary aka "Miss Meghan" About her Insightful New Book "The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You" Which Explains Personality Types Through Their Shoe Choices - WEEKLY FASHIONTRIBES FASHION PODCAST: MP3 File

Forget about clothes....SHOES make the man, and of course, the chick!

Miss_meghan_perfect_fit But did you know your shoes say volumes about you, your style, and even your personality? Just ask Meghan Cleary, aka Miss Meghan ( - shoe guru to WE's fashion show & host on Oxygen Network of How to Shop Vintage. She's also a fellow fashionista-blogger with a rockin' blog: In her new book The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You, just out from Chronicle Books (, she has your own personal horoscope based on your kicks! After all, what says more about your personality than your choice of stilettos and sneakers, mary janes and mules?

Quick questionaires help you get in step (sorry, couldn't help it!) with your true self, while the detailed shoe profiles answer every woman's burning questions: Which career will sweep me off my feet? How do I achieve my perfect look? Who is my arch supporter? And most of all...Is there any problem that can't be solved with a new pair of shoes?

Miss_meghan_self_esteem According to Miss M, it's the balance of form and function that make shoes such an interesting accessory. "You're forced to make a choice everyday, a choice of things that connect you to the ground. Because of their blend of form and function, they're very telling about a woman's state of mind." But there's more to shoes than just a flighty, fashion-y thing. "I think a lot of people, men especially, think that it's just a flighty, ha-ha thing. They're very like, 'oh women and their shoes!' I think it's sort of essential to a woman's personality, to feel really good in what they're wearing - especially what they have on their feet. It's more profound, actually."

In Perfect Fit, she's identified three basic groups:

  1. Miss_meghan_stiletto_dolce Towering Heights: Stilettos, straps & heels, heels, heels. This group likes being the center of attention & is comfortable being looked at - they tend to enjoy getting dressed up every day. The divine click of heels on the pavement is music to their ears.
  2. Miss_meghan_designer_sneaker On-the-Go: These girls dig designer sneaks, pointy skimmers, ballet flats, etc. Media maven-types & mover/shakers, they're always running around finding the coolest, new thing & generally getting things done. In a word, they are active.
  3. Miss_meghan_flip_flop Down-to-Earth: Flip flop fashionistas & Birkenstock wearers (the Heidi Klum ones of course). Mellow and grounded, these barefoot princesses are in step with reality. They enjoy the ground beneath their feet, & believe in inner beauty.

Miss_meghan_sun_sign Ask yourself: What is my absolute favorite pair of shoes...and why? Whichever pair makes you feel the most comfy, confident & sexy - regardless of how much you wear that pair - that's your natural state of "shoe" & what Miss M calls your "Shoe Sun Sign". Your other tendencies, where you want to go, that's your "Shoe Rising Sign."  So even though you might be a Towering Heights chick with a High Heel Sandal shoe sun sign, your opposite shoe sign would be a Clunky, Chunky-Heel Loafer...but before you go running for the shelter of your Manolos, Miss M has this pearl of wisdom: "opposites are great tool for sole discovery, as they identify a path that deserves a little exploration and inner reflection."

Miss_meghan_pic Miss_meghan_logoIn addition to crucial advice on shoes, her book also reveals what your kicks say about your personal traits and behaviors...exposing a woman's true sole (yikes...a pun too far!). With insightful quzzies, style guidelines, amusing shoe trivia and even career recommendations, this footwear bible will certainly help you get in step with your true self. "For women, I really think it's any woman who wants to know what their shoes say about them, in the moment that they're wearing that shoe," explains Cleary. "For men, it's a bit of a handbook: know where your lady is at before you approach her about breaking the news about the golfing trip you're going on, do it when she's in her flats, rather than her stilettos."

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