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Verdura Maltese Cross Cuffs Inspired by Coco Chanel


Cuff_1 We all know accessories are hot, hot, hot right now. And those supa'hot Verdura cuffs -- the ones with the jewel-encrusted Maltese cross -- are everywhere, so I decided it was time to find out more.

Apparently, Verdura (an Italian Duke/playboy) was a crony of Coco Chanel; she had lots of lovers and, consequently, lots of jewelry -- much of which she didn't like. So she had Verdura re-set her tokens o' love & he came up with those cuffs she was always photographed in. She had them in all different colors and materials, and basically wore them day and night.

He then landed on these shores & hung with the likes of Cole Porter, who was one of his backers when he launched his 5th Avenue store. 

Today, all Verdura's designs are still based on his original sketches from their extensive archive.

Of course, I want me a matching pair in all different colors & materials, except for one small problem. Each cuff starts (yes starts) @ over 12 $Gs. Yikes.

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