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Project Runway winner - Lesley: 2 Byron: 0

It's official -- WWD has now weighed in on the Project Runway show:

Austin got off with a smack on the wrist. The worst they had to say about his collection was that it had a "sexy, American Revolution-inspired elegance." That's one way to put it, I guess.

Wendy was deemed "the weakest of the bunch" and guilty of an excessive number of bustier looks.

About Kara, they noted that she "channeled Howard Hughes to create a fantasy fly-girl collection that was both feminine and utilitarian" and they gave that chocolate silk evening gown a "fabulous".

Lauded for his "bold, brazen collection that featured versatile monochromatic looks with a tech vibe," Jay's collection had the largest amount of ink devoted to it.

It sucks to be you, Byron.

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It's not over till the fat lady or Star Jones sings. It will come down to Kara,Austin, and Jay. If Wendy makes it to the final three, I will wear Tommy Hilfiger for the rest of my life, I mean it. Did you know Austin was my model for a fashion spread I did in the FIT newspaper back in the day. We shot in Times Square and Bryant Park, if you think about it I started Project Runway---Heidi Klum and Bravo move over and I want a check.
The Byron

Posted by: The Byron | Feb 6, 2005 8:51:38 PM

it looks like santino rice of project runway 2 has his own site up... not much there now except a bio and a few pictures:


Posted by: james | Dec 1, 2005 5:27:00 PM

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