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Project Runway winner - Lesley: 1 Byron: 0

According to The Daily -- the sort of "Page Six" tabloid of fashionweek that gets handed out at the tents everyday & which everyone reads religiously to see if they're in it -- Jay McCaroll was feted as Project Runway's official winner.

Austin was dissed for being "a little one-notey" and Wendy was bitchslapped for her "long, padded parkas, boxy brown suede pants, iridescent lime-green velvet, and ruched Lycra-Spandex, set to remixed '80s new-wave tech pop. Need we say more?"

Kara's color choices were dubbed "too much" and her collection was summed up as "disappointing". The kicker: "we'd recommend a forage through a good fashion archive. The look of luxury does not come easy." Ouch. Talk about not only being bitchy, but off-base as well.

Jay was crowned (...queen?) and lauded with that stupid fashion-speak praise-of-all-praises: directional!  Like yours truly, The Daily also loved McCaroll's color-coordinated earphones, yummy color palette, and rockin' knits. The love fest was summed up as "highly skilled, attentive to fit, with a brilliant eye for color. No gimmicks here -- just ultra-stylish clothes."

Sorry Byron.

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You're so gay and lame. You make gays look bad with your typical bullshit. You're a true queen. Wonder if masc, athletic men are attracted to you? lol. Yeah right...

Posted by: Randy | Feb 24, 2005 7:08:17 PM

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