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Celebs & Skin at Baby Phat ::PODCAST

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Babyphat_135 Babyphat_137

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The clothes at Baby Phat - surprise: short, tight, sexy. Lots of fur, white leather, and of course, skin. 60s flight attendant-inspired hats were fun, as well as the oversized, stuctured bags could double as your carry-on when the Donald invites you on his private plane (which could happen if you wear some of these clothes).

The Scene: total pandemonium, crowds & celebs, the main reasons to go to a Baby Phat show. From our perch by the red carpet, we spotted the Olsen twins, Missy Elliott (who looks great!), Lil Kim, Shannon Dougherty, an N'Sync clone, someone who got kicked off The Apprentice (what a great claim to fame), a guy who had been on The Real World, America's Next Top Model (make you wanna slit your wrists gorgeous), Kimora lookalikes galore, even more hip hop types & the posses that love them.

Rather than being backstage like other designers, orchestrating the pre-show madness, Kimora Lee Simmons did a red carpet entrance with her kids. Russell Simmons followed a few minutes later, and managed to almost mow down one of my posse, not once, but twice.

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