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GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: The Lesson from this Issue of People's "100 Most Beautiful"? Keep Your Makeup Light, Fresh & Gorgeous Advises CoverGirl Makeup Artist Molly Stern. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG & Podcast Interview

Beauty_molly_stern CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern works her magic on Rihanna.

Glam Shopping Beat column - by Lesley Scott:

Beauty    Yes, it's that time of year again: People's most beautiful people issue! One of the more interesting beauty trends to emerge is the emphasis on nude makeup...which gives those of us who do our own makeup hope. "It's a more modern take on beauty," explains CoverGirl (& celeb fave) makup artist Molly Stern in an exclusive Fashiontribes podcast interview. "It's a more modern concept to not cover, but to find what you like & reveal it. More women in Hollywood are wanting to look natural, accessible & realistic; they are letting their skin shine through and going for a minimalisticm natural look. It's a great look for women everywhere who feel empowered and want to enhance what they naturally have and show that off."

Keep your makeup naturally nude & gorgeous with these easy tips from CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern:

  • EASY DOES IT "Keep it light," advises Stern. "The days of allover pancake coverage are gone. If you have ruddy cheeks, just apply coverage where you need it. The main thing is to keep skin fresh."
  • HIGHLIGHT A SINGLE FEATURE "Identify the feature you want to highlight. If it's your eyes, make them lined &smokey and plump up your lashes, but tone down your lip & cheek." Alternatively, go for a dramatic mouth, but keep the rest of your face neutral.
  • MASCARA: THINK BROWN, NOT BLACK "A well-defined lash line is important, but for summer, take it down a notch by using brown instead of black mascara because it gives a softer eye."
  • BLUSH FROM A BOTTLE "Cream blush is more natural than powder, because it looks like it's coming from the skin rather than sitting on top, adding rosy depth in a natural way that's not powdery."  In case of beauty emergencies where you find yourself blush-bereft, rub some of your lipstick on your cheek. (Stern suggest CoverGirl TruShine lipstick - it's sheer, but still loaded with pigment.)
  • THOU SHALT NOT OVERDO SELF-TANNER Before applying the self-tanner, be sure to exfoliate with a body scrub first, especially porous areas like knees, heels & elbows. (If you accidentally go overboard, rubbing alcohol or Windex can lift some of the excess color.) "Go lighter than you think you should," says Stern. "If you’re fair, makes no sense to get Hawaiian tan. Instead, you might want to use tinted moisturizer and add a tiny bit of darker shade & get deeper look."
  • DOES YOUR FACE MATCH YOUR ENSEMBLE? "The emergence in fashion of so many gorgeous prints & florals means that it's really important to keep a balance with your makeup. Keep it fresh, and the colors neutral - a light shimmer on the eye and a nude lip looks really modern." (And don't forget to blend, blend, blend!)

Some makeup product picks to try:

  • Beauty_3 Beauty_4 FOUNDATION & CONCEALER As an alternative to some of the more pricey brands, Stern recommends CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Concealer & Advanced Radiance Moisturizing Makeup. "Their motto is clean, fresh, easy, breezy, and these foundations are guaranteed to match 97% of skin tones. The colors are sheer and even contain Olay ingredients to repair and smooth, whether you're preventing the signs of aging, or trying to repair them." (Alternatively, Shu Uemura foundation can easily be thinned with water for a fab sheer foundation.) At
  • Beauty_6 Beauty_5 POWDER TruBlend Naturally Luminous Loose Powder with Minerals "It's gorgeous for dusting some shimmer on shoulders, the back of the neck & the neckline." At


- Lesley Scott


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Absolutely in accord with the "highlight only one feature." Even if the eighties are back in fashion, let's hope they don't reach the world of makeup where suddenly see bright blue eyeshadow with lightening bolts of fuschia on the cheeks and vampire lips to boot!

Posted by: f.m. | May 6, 2007 10:55:02 PM

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