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FASHIONTRIBES 5 MIN. PODCAST: As a "Happy 15th Birthday" Present, Denim Line Mavi Brings in Rifat Ozbek. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG & PODCAST

Pcn_rifat Designer Rifat Ozbek (photo:

To mark their 15th anniversary, Turkish denim brand Mavi has brought in fellow countryman, Istanbul native & and St. Martin's School of Art-trained Rifat Ozbek, to design a 30 piece collection. The Mediterranean wind & wave-inspired Rifat Ozbek for Mavi line will go on sale in the spring, retailing at a premium of 35 to 40 percent above normal Mavi prices: tops will go for $80 to $90, bottoms from $140 to $200, and dresses for up to $270. Shorts, skirts, jackets, and gowns will also be part of the line, along with a capsule collection of denim & linen jeans, short skirts, and trousers made from a premium quality denim exclusive to Mavi.

Part of the reason that Ozbek – whose day job is Pollini’s Creative Director – was selected by Mavi is his cosmopolitan blend of Turkish roots and globetrotting sensibilities. "We're very similar," Elif Akarlilar, Mavi's global brand manager recently told WWD. "He has been a global player and has a Mediterranean origin that we like." Rumor has it that Mavi is so pleased with the collaboration they may request a repeat performance. "This was very encouraging. We would love to do this more."

Designers collaborating on mass-market lines is a trend that continues to enjoy major staying power. Although many people are shopping aspirationally – pining after the $12,000 Louis Vuitton ensemble but actually buying the $180 logo pocket mirror – they also want to own more than just keychains and accessories. Being able to purchase an Isaac Mizrahi or Proenza Schouler outfit – even if it is from Target – is still an Isaac or Proenza dress. And given that jeans have become such a wardrobe go-anywhere staple, it’s not surprising that consumers want denim with the same designer cache that an Ozbek can provide. (via WWD)

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- Lesley Scott


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