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State of the Fashion Union #7: What the Bloggers are Saying. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The State of the Fashion Union - the Fashion & Lifestyle blogosphere weighs in for the start of the Fall 2006 Fashionweek Monday, February 6, 2006:

The trends from New York's Fall 2006 Fashionweek are a muted vision of black, grey & cream - with a few splashes of color reports Fashiontribes. Like a restored, coloredized old black & white movie, everything is toned down, ladylike & vaguely flowy. Most notably, waistlines are heading north, from just above the natural waistline to the clear under the bustline at the empire.

The word is volume, loose flowing dresses, and puffed-up shapes says The Fashionable Kiffen. Colors are dark, rich, and warm, with classic autumnal tones, dressy solids, and interesting prints. From mere winter necessity, the coat has now become more of a trend item, available in interesting coats and fun colors.

From GirlaWhirl's perch, the trends starting to emerge from the Fall 2006 runways include: black, cream, a range of browns, olives, greys, and stark black & cream combinations. Only at Lacoste were there tropical hues of pinks, oranges, and layering of various combinations. Waists are a focal point, with nipped-in silhouettes, fitted jackets, belts (both thick & thin) and bows - and they are heading north to just above the natural waistline. Also be on the lookout for chunky sweaters & rib knits that, while bulky, still manage to remain feminine.

Sass and Bide has another hit on their hands for Fall 2006 say the hometown fans! Camarilla loved it, and feels that inspite of the too-thin models, her fellow Aussies got it right.

Vera Wang is apparently so understated this season as to be underwhelming, say La Dolce Divas, who feel that in the transition from bridal to high fashion, something got lost in the translation. From bad fit to clumsy-looking design, they wonder what went wrong.

Let it flow, and it did at Baby Phat opines Coquette, who checked out IMG's live streaming video. The verdict: edgy, sexy, and an surprising mix of soft and feminine from the cropped fur jackets paired with skinny jeans or tiny shorts...and accompanied - less surprisingly - with hip hop attitude.

Life is lived in color, so wear it! So goes the color-is-the-new-black word of advice from's West Coast Editor, Stevie Wilson, in L.A. Story.  Instead of swallowing the fashion editorials whole, she is highly in favor of using Fashionweek as an inspiration rather than a blueprint.

Rather than what's simply "interesting" or "directional" from a fashion editor's point of view, Omiru has been focusing on the runways to check out what's wearable, what the silhouettes, colors, and other points of interest are. Click here for Doo.ri, D Squared, Duckie Brown, ThreeAsFour, and Sass and Bide.

If you can't make it to the tents in person, Just My Cup of Tea reminds everyone that IMG is streaming the fashion shows live & on demand. Added bonuses include celeb, model & designer features hosted by like like of Kelly Killoren Bensimon of Elle Accessories, Gotham, and Hamptons.

Fashion is an industry driven by sex and exclusivity, says I Am Pretty NYC, and what's being peddled at Bryant Park is akin to a theatre of selling emotional crack. As a makeup artist & part of the industry, she is ambivalent about the tug o' war for which the two Lindsay Lohans are a metaphor: who do you think looks better? Chubby Linslo, or puking, drunk, clenbuteral-abusing Linslo?

The vote is live in the blogosphere! Make your voice heard at the Tribunal of Good Taste, where there are 10 mini-polls to chose from (a new one is randomly selected each time you visit or reload).

Half the fun of fashion is making it yourself, says Jewelry and Beading, remembering how her mom just thought she was being economical at the time. From picking out the patterns, materials, and notions, to sewing it up, it's hip to be a crafter.

Missed getting your Luella at Target? Don't worry, reports Kiss Me Stace, most of it's now for sale on ebay - with an finder's fee added, of course. She reminds excited shoppers to keep in mind that this is not the place to do your investment shopping; the fabrics tend toward the cheaper end of the spectrum, and much of the buzz is about the designer's name, not the designs. Also, do the billowy, size-adding babydoll dresses coming down the Fall 2006 runways herald a figure-unflattered fashion trend, or is it a case of fashion bloggers engaging in specious trend forecasting?

Designers like Kaiser Karl loooove to adorn their designs and accessories with religious imagery. Far from pious devotion or even hubris - or even a simple bid for attention - fashion influencers like Lagerfeld  use religious symbols in a subversive fashion, and sometimes get into hot water. So by all means be daring & transgressive encourages Blingdom of God, just don't do it with religions that don't appreciate it and might land you death threats, or worse.

Pink Mirage is increasingly frustrated by the lack of tasteful shoes, and has decided it's high time to fling some mud at the nasty, ugly, evil shoes which are increasingly present.

Is the best of style to be found anywhere near the mainstream? Papier Doll wonders what ever happened to style being a form of expressing individualism, instead of what "they" say is in or out - or what celeb-driven trend is hot or not. Fashion is all about image, and when people are afraid to follow their own minds, we end up with the risk of losing the genuine passion and luster that make fashion fabulous.

- Lesley Scott

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