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State of the Fashion Union: In the Battle of Fashion vs. Style, What's Really Wrong With Being Fashionable? FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

A popular theme that has emerged from The State of the Fashion Union blogging thus far is the idea that fashion is the ugly offspring of the fashion marketing juggernaut, while style is a magical, dirt-free form of self expression.

Typically cited as examples of timeless style are Audrey Hepburn & Jackie O. While there is no argument that both ladies absolutely deserve their place on the pinnacle of style foodchain and the label of "style icon", they didn't reach that rare and lofty perch by thrifting it. Audrey Hepburn sported non-stop Givenchy, while Jackie O favored fabulous frocks from Oleg Cassini, and, on the sly, French couture. Yes, Hepburn was known for her "little" shifts and Jackie O for her "simple" style, but that kind of design perfection doesn't come cheap - or anywhere near it. The fact is, timeless style takes a lot of money and effort (ie. time - especially if you thrift & then have to spend hours altering your finds & performing fashion surgery) time is money. Basically, it takes money, money & more money to transcend mere fashion and enter the style stratosphere.

It seems that the beef bloggers have with fashion vs. style is a clash of opposites: how to maintain a desired image while limited by your resources. However, in our image-obsessed society, how you look is of tantamount importance, but looking good costs money...and if you're not creative with your fashion-sense, a lot of money. While anyone with a hefty bank account can buy designer, it takes a good bit of creativity to avoid resembling a mobile page from a designer look book. And the world we live being so image-driven, it's small wonder so much virtual ink is being spilled agonizing about how to achieve true stylishness in a manner that doesn't require a second mortgage. Yes, there are increasingly affordable options from retailers like H&M, Zara, and now Target, who teams up with designers like Isaac Mizrahi & Luella Bartley to make high fashion available at thrift store prices - but to get in the game still means being clever about the way you put it all together, which gets back to the dual between money and creativity.

- Lesley Scott

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Good goings here L., that's a healthy written piece of a reality check. Thank you!

Posted by: Fran├žois | Feb 2, 2006 12:35:12 AM

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