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State of the Fashion Union #6: What the Bloggers are Saying. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The State of the Fashion Union - the Fashion & Lifestyle blogosphere weighs in for the start of the Fall 2006 Fashionweek Friday, February 3, 2006:

From handing out 60,000 bottles of Aquafina to sponsoring select show video feeds, the official water of Fashionweek, along with organizers IMG, will be bringing you all the action from the tents at Bryant Park reminds Girlawhirl - along with your trusty bloggers, vloggers & podcasters, of course!

Shape up, shoppers! Have some self-confidence! Some advice from Tribunal of Good Taste, who has an in-depth & thoughtful post that touches on the idea that instead of simply accepting what's on the market, or on the starlet du jour, more of us should purchase what we actually love. In this era of choices, choices, choices, and more choices - from ebay to thrift stores to mass market alternatives - there is no need to accept one-size-fits-all. As one of the forces reshaping fashion and media, Tribunal also advocates a round of blogger polls to begin gathering knowledge through a web-based survey.

With Fashionweek in full swing, it's definitely worth considering the fact that how we clothe and represent our bodies tells you the degree to which we control our own destinies. Women forced to wear chador, or who are subjected to floggings and beatings simply for wearing makeup or nylons, wouldn't argue with the idea that fashion is a form of speech. So don't trivialize our interest in fashion, says Jack & Hill, and don't underestimate the power of the fashion bloggers, who are taking fashion "back" from the mainstream & re-introducing a healthy dose of freedom, individuality, expression - and the ability to develop your own personal style.

All that work for the 20 minutes of fabulousness known as your runway show, and then it's back to the grind of getting the next collection started. Change is the energy that powers fashion, says The Fashionable Kiffen, citing Wabi-Sabi, a wise Japanese notion that there are three simple philosophies: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. She, like Final Fashion (and indeed the rest of us fashion mag junkies) can't resist the siren call of the newstand glossy, but makes the point that they portray glamour which, although unrealistic, feeds our need to dream. Which means they need to let us bloggers do what we do best - be speedy & verbose - while they keep the gorgeous imagery and inspiring editorials coming.

Where wearing a single designer head-to-toe made sense once upon a time, in today's pluralistic society, it no longer makes sense to swallow a designer's vision of themselves - their brand - whole. Instead of taking a brand's message literally, look at the brand as a taste of another way of life or source of inspiration says Omiru, who also holds forth on what's out & what's in for February. In: stacked heels, geometric black & white, & Japanese-inspired dressing. Enough already: Crystal-encrusted overload & supa'sized Jackie O shades.

The king of boardroom armour is at the top of his game, opine La Dolce Divas, who dug Armani's collection of classic, classy lines, and refreshing lack of white. Ignoring the smattering of quirky gowns and requisite plunging necklines, they found plenty to adore.

Jeans have become such a major fashion staple that in many circles, jeans and a jacket are perfectly appropriate work attire. Is this a mere fad, posits Denim News, or will your perfectly tailored pair of Earnest Sewns - purchased, of course, at their NYC concept store where you can select from fabric, trim, style & fit - join timeless fashion icons like the pinstripe suit?  At the rate that jeans are being hardwired into our style DNA, chances are it's the latter.

Who hasn't lusted after a Michael Kors signature cable knit sweater, only to be shut down by the price tag? Making Things has the solution: knit your own. Vogue Knitting, a leading knitting magazine, carries sweater patterns in every issue by designers such as Anna Sui, Cynthia Rowley, Twinkle, and Pierrot (remember that knit shortie playsuit sported by Carrie in Sex & the City?). Major designers like Chanel and Ferragamo are having a crafty moment with their knit "quilted" bags - and if you're crafty, you can too.

Making, and having, things your way has also spilled over into personal adornment. Citing what MIT professor Neil Gerschenfeld calls the trend toward personal fabrication, the Blingdom of God has a fine example of a custom-crafted pendant - found on Flickr - which combines the cross, the yin yang symbol, and an image of water as the source of life.

Bloggers, please, for the love of god, please stop using terms like diva, implores Style Tribe. Resorting to amateurish & inappropriate blogging language makes us look, well, like amateur hour. As online journos - real & wannabe - it's with words that we seal our fate...and hopefully not by using the blogging equivalent of those t-shirts that say "drama queen" in rhinestones.

Responding to an earlier post by Millionaire Socialite about the upcoming price cuts for Paper Denim and Cloth jeans; he predicts the lowering of prices will bring about a realignment in the market for premium denim - a ripple effect of falling prices throughout the industry as other retailers scramble to try and not lose customers. But Fashiontribes says: not so fast...there are in fact two possible outcomes. If the lower price doesn't translate as "inferior quality" to buyers, PDC may rake in the dough. If, however, the lower price translates as "these are now so not cool" then the company may actually be harming both its prestige and bottom line.

- Lesley Scott

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