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Carnivale de Couture - a Dinner Party Limited to Five, so They'd Better Be Good. Who Makes the Fashiontribes Invite List? The Fabulous ALT for One, as Well as an Icon, a Scribe, a Chick with a Pink Caddy - and a Shutterbug, too. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The Carnivale de Couture continues, this time hosted by the fab & funny Zoe of Verbal Croquis. The topic: The Ultimate Dinner Party.

The mission: You are throwing a little dinner party in your apartment featuring fashion glitterati, past or present, dead or alive.  You are only allowed to invite 5 people, so be careful in your selections.  Feel free to include designers, style icons, journalists, models, moguls, intellectuals, you name it.  Make your invite list, please share your reasons why you invited each person.  Remember, every good hostess takes into consideration how their guests will mingle, so tell us about that too.  For brownie points, tell us what they’re wearing, what you’ll wear and what you’ll serve, etc.

Ah, the fashion glitterati. Somehow, many of the most glittery of the glittering are no longer with us, such as the Diana Vreelands of the world, no doubt lighting up the next life with their fabulousness - but since actually being alive is not an issue (nor is the fact that I live in a less-than-glamourous share in New York's East Village either, apparently) drumroll please...the guest list at the Fashiontribes Ultimate Dinner Party:

  • Carnivale_alt ANDRE LEON TALLEY Besides the fact that I love his column in American Vogue, and was utterly charmed by his autobiography A.L.T., I just completely admire the man. One can only imagine the difficulties of growing up in the 50s & 60s as a towering African American fashionista in small town North Carolina. Always impeccably turned out - he's one fashion'y type who truly walks the walk - he's deeply interested in everything from art to politics to history, and a gentleman to boot. A truly fascinating addition to any soiree.

CLICK BELOW to find out who else will be in attendance:

  • Carnivale_jackie_o_on_boat JACKIE O Synonymous with chic, Jackie helped salvage American fashion pride internationally during a time when "American" was usually synonymous with "leisure suit". But her taste in threads aside, she was well educated and thoughtful. Not content to wile away her latter years shopping, visiting spas & staying skinny, she took a job as an editor at Doubleday - regularly eating lunch at her desk and editing up to 12 books a year, including Bill Moyers's Healing & the Mind, Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, and Edvard Radzinsky's The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II. Gracious & unassuming from all accounts, she would make charming dinner party guest.
  • Carnivale_cathy_horyn CATHY HORYN A truly interesting fashion writer with a unique point of view. As one of the few in the business to actually not accept swag from designers, she pens her honest assessment of the collections for The New York Times. She is also a conscientious, first-rate writer - the type of person any of us would be lucky to share a meal with. (Photo from
  • Carnivale_mary_kay_ash MARY KAY ASH Not technically a "fashion" person, but a glitterati nonetheless - and besides, beauty is an integral part of fashion, no? Born in Texas in 1915, she became a multimillion dollar success with her Mary Kay Cosmetics empire during a time when "real women" remained housebound - all while clad in uber-girlie lace, ruffles, a Texas-sized cloud of blonde hair. Just hearing how she came up with the idea to give away those fab pink Cadillacs to the legions of women she empowered economically would be worth the price of dinner alone.
  • Carnivale_davide_shot_by_francesca_sorre FRANCESCA SORRENTI A chick fashion photographer who not only survived in a manly man's business, but thrived. She also buried her son Davide - also a fashion photographer - at the age of twenty from a drug overdose. Photographers create the face of fashion, so who wouldn't want to hear her war stories & behind-the-scenes anecdotes firsthand? (Photo of Davide, shot by Francesca, from
    1. THE MINGLE'ABILITY SCALE: Wow, what a chick-heavy group, but all strong, fascinating ladies - and gentleman - with an excess of brains, drive & things to say. When I interviewed uber-party planner Preston Bailey, his advice on compiling a guest list: bring together people in unexpected's that added bit of tension that gets people talking initially, and keeps things interesting.

      DRESS CODE: Comfortable & chic is always in fashion. Me, I rarely take my own advice & would no doubt take refuge in - I know, lame - a little black dress. Bonjour, Monsieur Ghesquiere? Allo, is Alber Elbaz available?

      BON APPETIT: As a vegan - usually a raw foodie at that - I'm loathe to impose my insane eating habits on civilized company, so I would serve a (catered) vegetarian feast. Lots of salads, fresh veggies, soups, and fabulous wines. You get people tipsy enough on high quality vino, and they won't even remember what was served.

      - Lesley Scott

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