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The State of the Fashion Union #1: What the Bloggers Are Saying. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG

The latest installment of the Carnivale has begun!  Here's the 411 on The State of the Fashion Union for Friday, January 27, 2006:

Brainiac Phil Leif over at MillionaireSocialite contends that Paper, Denim & Cloth's upcoming move this fall to lower their prices from the $150-$240 mark down to the $100-$160 mark will cause a "realignment" across the entire premium denim market, as other sellers scramble to follow suit in order to hang onto their market.

At The Fashionable Kiffen, word is that while print media will always be important to fashion - the editorials, stories, advertising - the internet & bloggers will not only force the traditional media to change the way it operates, but speed up the fashion cycle as well.

Is the public face of fashion finally catching up the reality that many a fab fashionista is, gasp, over 40? LaDolceDivas make the point that there are an entire army of over 40s & over 50s that like looking good, have money to burn, and want to see someone like a Sharon Stone (Dior Beauty), Catherine Deneuve (MAC) and Kim Basinger (Miu Miu) staring back at them.

The prolific Designer Ella of KissMeStace found time to craft a poetic description of Chanel's Spring 2006 Couture show - which reminded her of a girlhood fantasy of beauty and romance - and a biting critique of Galliano's couture show that criticizes the use of an artful display over a focus on fashion as the art, itself, and suggests that Galliano may not even be making fashion.

Crafty knitter Andrea Tung makes the point that fashion'y crafts like knitting are experiencing some major love because now that everything is digital, nothing is real anymore, and people are craving something real. The fact there are over 2000 knitting blogs is pretty strong empirical evidence.

The crisis in fashion is insightfully considered by Almost Girl. From the questionable economic harm caused by the garment trade to sweatshop & underage workers and the environment, as well as the intelligence-insulting level of much fashion coverage today (who's wearing what & which skin cream rocks), AG is of the mind that we, the intrepid fashion and lifestyle bloggers are raising the level of fashion discourse & prying it away from the sole domain of rich glamour trustafarians.

And Fashiontribes weighs in on why it is all the creativity seems to be draining out of Fashion. Fashion has morphed into a huge business, and businesses exist to make money. However, as part of a larger trend - the Image Industry which will only continue to grow & drive demand for everything from professional stylists to plastic surgery - the fate of fashion creativity lies with the smaller designers as they learn to walk the line between actually making money, but without sacrificing creativity.

- Lesley Scott

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