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Fashiontribes Faves: The Months best Pop Culture Moments for January 2006 -Fashiontribes Pop Culture Blog

  1. American_idol American Idol *Is Kelly Clarkson a Music Hog"-Yeah, we are totally addicted.  You got a problem with that?  You know you love watching the talentless, semi-talented and other sing their hearts out.  And, BTW, what is the deal with Kelly Clarkson not licensing the show to use her music?  Ever heard of biting the hand that feeds you?
  2. 50378077_abe7f8c061_m1 Project Runway 2-We already have our faves-it's too addictive.  So here is to Daniel Volosovic, Nick Verreos and of course Santino Rice.  WHO doesn't?
  3. Skating with the Stars-Of all the reality shows, this seems the riskiest?  I mean, what if Dave Coulier takes a blade to the head whilst throwing Nancy Kerrigan.
  4. Ph2006011300604 The James Frey Affair-We loves A Million Little Pieces.  Memory is subjective, so who cares if he embellished.  As Oprah Said in Round 1, GET OVER IT!!!**************
  5. _41223640_reese_ryan_getty 001_3 The Reese Witherspoon Golden Globes Dress Debacle-Oh, Chanel, how could you?  Oddly shaped Reese could never compare to Kirsten-we love the dress, but the Red Carpet is not a place for such goofs.
  6. Pixar at the MOMA-It's about time we acknowledged how innovative their animation is.
  7. Kanye_west_4 Kanye West - genius or general imbecile?-We like cocky, but does he take it to far?  Demanding Grammy's.  At least he has the talent to back it up.
  8. Top_blogs_hipster_feud The Hipster Feud in Williamsburg- A recent Family Feud-style game night at the painfully hip Galapagos bar/artspace - and the first in what is apparently a planned series of Williamsburg-themed game shows...does this mean the 'Burg is so out, it's back in?
  9. Top_blogs_24_hours_on_craigslist 24 Hours on Craigslist - From roomates to diabetic feline support groups to transsexual rock concerts to, well duh, sex, Craigslist is one-stop shopping. It was only a matter of time before someone cemented its pop cultural implications with a documentary.
  10. Top_blogs_downtown_art_show The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene 1974-1984 - For 150 years, Gotham has ruled much of the pop culture and art roost. Following the passage of NY's "loft law" legalizing artist residences, the downtown art scene exploded, and thankfully - in this era of Disney'fied NY - we're still basking in the glow as this show at NYU's Grey Art Gallery & Fales Library demonstrates.

- Lesley & Rachel


********Yes folks, almost an hour after I wrote this, Mr. Frey appeared on Oprah, where she shamed him and he admitted to stretching the truth.  A Lot.  Disappointing?  Of course-To believe that someone fought the good fight as he did in the book warms every human heart.  Shame on you, Mr. Frey, for stealing my breath, my heart and my conscience and then kicking it in the gutter.

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