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Fashiontribes Faves: Our top Ten People, Rock Punk Edition-Fashiontribes Pop Culture Blog

  1. 1347198 Sienna Miller-We are so OVER Jude.  Sienna is coming into her own with some serious acting (Cassanova, Factory Girl) a cool new look and the shedding of her boho-chic skin.  On virtually every magazine this month, we can't get enough of her tough rocker style.
  2. Babyshambles_1 Babyshambles/Pete Dougherty-You may love him, you may hate him, but this bed-burning maniac is the last bastion of true Rock antics.
  3. Slimane_casam1 Hedi Slimane-The man cuts a suit so well, even women line up for them.  His new book, Birth of a Cult, drops January 31st and is sure to provide us with hours of entertainment.  With new muse Pete Dougherty in tow, how can we help ourselves?
  4. Kate Moss-Kudos to our favorite fashionplate for kicking the habit and re-emerging stronger than ever.  We love you Kate!
  5. Strokes The Strokes-The darlings of the New York Scene, their newest album, First Impressions of Earth, is all their good parts-catchy, rock-y tunes, all grown up.  FT approved.
  6. Johnny Cupcakes-Our new insignia of choice-The Cupcake and Crossbones.  Johnny is fighting the man (Urban Outfitters and him are in a little scuffle) but we like when the little man outs up a big fight.
  7. The Grease Brothers-AKA, Mewithoutyou-Not exactly your average Christian ROck band.They make great music, throw flowers on the stage and run their van on Vegetable Oil.  How can we ignore people who put their money where their mouth is.
  8. Davidleeroth_1 David Lee Roth-From California Girls to Radio Host, we think Mr. Roth has grown up a little.  Sort of.
  9. Howard Stern-Howard spurre don legions of loyalists to go over to satellite radio.  And it worked.  In a way, it makes him a crusader-at least for Free Speech.
  10. Barkers1 Travis Barker-With a few bands, an MTV show, a new baby (we love the name Alabama), a successful clothing line (Famous Stars and Straps) and a multitude of cool tats, we need to send him some love.
  11. Davidgilmorecopy David Gilmour-The voice and guitar behind Pink Floyd is touring again.  Time to get tickets to see a legend.
  12. *_297585_billy_joel_ap150 Billy Joel-He just set a record for the most concert sell-outs at Madison Square Garden.  SO he isn't exactly the coolest, but 11 sold out shows?  He is doing something right.

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i love love love hedi slimane. Sienna Miller is great too, but I dislike how everyone wants to copy her.

I like Johnny Cupcakes (and I still love Urban Outfitters) and Kate Moss will forever be in my list of favourite people.

Great post!

Posted by: missy-j | Jan 28, 2006 8:54:17 AM

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