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Gabriel Cousens In-Depth Interview: Eating Live Raw Food, Taking The Right Minerals & Fasting Will Make You Beautiful in Body, Mind & Soul Explains the Director of the Tree of Life and Author of "Spiritual Nutrition" - WEEKLY FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY PODCAST

Gabriel Cousens In-Depth Interview: The Director of the Tree of Life & Author of "Spiritual Nutrition" Explains How Live Raw Food, Taking the Right Minerals & Fasting Will Make You Beautiful Inside & Outside -  WEEKLY FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY PODCAST - MP3 File

Inner beauty = Outer Beauty. That’s what your mother always told you, and you know what? She was right. (Damn!) Researchers have found that getting correctly nourished will not only help your spiritual progress, but make you look fine as you literally turn back the clock on your appearance.

Gabriel_cousens Spritual_nutrition In Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini (North Atlantic Books), Gabriel Cousens, M.D. – a healer, a medical doctor & director of the Tree of Life Healing Center & retreat in Arizona – has laid out a fairly foolproof plan for beautification of your bod…and your soul.  “It’s truly about how to activate all your spiritual energies which are going to activate the inner radiance, which will bring out the outer radiance.”

A primary ingredient in the looking-good equation is weight – when you feel “thin” you feel good. Yet, 80 million Americans & millions more worldwide are overweight. Why? According to Cousens, one of the main reasons so many of us overindulge is because of emotions. Depressed? Break out the junk food. Happy? Go out to eat & celebrate! Angry. Get revenge by snarfing a Snickers. Got dumped and want to avoid getting your heart broken again? Gain tons of weight and forgo any brushes with intimacy altogether. “Food is a way of being self destructive in many ways. It used in many ways.”

Cousens sees countless examples of eating disorders at the Tree of Life, and the underlying emotions typically fall into these two categories:

False Body Image: typically with women feeling like they need to be thin – model thin – for someone to love them. “Women have the ability to be the rainbow radiance, and that’s what attracts a man. If they understand that it has nothing to do with how thin you are, it has to do with the kind of radiance and light that you’re transmitting – that’s what really attracts people. It’s that feminine essence that lights up people’s lives.”

What this means is, while it’s tempting, do not separate your eating patterns from your attempts to lose weight – without examining why you eat what isn’t good for you, you are dooming yourself to an endless cycle of Sisyphus-like dieting failure.

Leafy_green In Spiritual Nutrition, Cousens explains that, in order to look your best, you need to “feed” your genes to bring about maximum “gene expression.” While this might sound quite scientific-y, in beauty-speak, it simply means that what you eat really, really matters. “If you eat live foods with lots of phytonutrients, you’re going to turn on the anti-aging gene. You’re going to turn on the anti-inflammatory genes. You’re going to turn on the anti cancer genes. And, if you eat junk food, you’re going to turn those off.” By eating correctly – in a way that activates the growth hormone – genes “express” certain enzymes and proteins and create “youthing” – literally turning back the clock to a biologically younger physique.

In addition to eating wholesome foods and ditching the Doritos, one of the keys to anti-aging is to drastically cut down on the amount of calories you eat. In a recent experiment, rats that had their daily calories cut 40% had whopping 400% increase in their anti-aging genes. “That’s a pretty important statement because it means we can reverse the aging process,” says Cousens. “Not that we can slow it down, that’s true, but we can literally reverse it at any age.”

Wouldn’t cutting your daily calorie intake by almost half result in being malnourished? According to Cousens, the answer is no. On a live food diet – where nothing is heated above 118 degrees – you can get all the nutrients with half the amount of food. “When you cook food, you lose 50% of the protein, 70 or 80% of the nutrients, and up to 100% of the phytonutrients. If you aren’t getting enough nutrients, you end up overeating to try to get the nutrients. So much food is destroyed by cooking, that you have to eat twice as much. Simple mathematics is that when you eat live food, you can eat half as much, and get all your nutrients.”

Tomato But don’t think eating raw food automatically means being sentenced to a life of endless carrot sticks and nasty-ass dry salads. Cookbooks like Juliano’s Raw (, Roxane Klein & Charlie Trotter’s Raw (  websites like (which peddle the most addictive chocolate macaroons ever) and the amazing, there are tons of delicious options to choose from. Also, Cousens – a live food adherent for over 20 years who doesn’t belive in “dieting” and weighs what he did in high school – stresses that you don’t be a raw food-Nazi in order to enjoy most of the beauty benefits. “Don’t be extreme. Go at a rate that you can feel comfortable. First, give up meat, red meat. That has a lot of pesticides and herbicides. Then do fish and chicken, which isn’t too different. Then go to dairy. Then go to grains. Then you’re there. That may take a year, it may take two years.” Regardless, as long as 80% of your diet is living foods, you’ll be reaping the benefits – mind, soul & of course, body. 

Bottled_water Another secret to looking amazing is being properly hydrated. Other than the myriad of amazing things that water can do for your skin and your looks, avoiding dehyration is a great way to avoid eating too much. Many people overeat, misinterpreting their body’s cries for water as hunger pangs. “When you start to hydrate by drinking enough water, then your appetite goes down because you’re actually fulfilling you’re your body needs – which is water.  And that’s also a very powerful way to lose weight, but also, in a sense, the hydration makes everything work – including your brain – work a lot better.”

Cousens recommends consuming “living water” that is biologically well “structured” and able to hold cosmic energy. “It’s what you find in live foods. When you cook food, you dehydrate the food on one level, and you disorganize the water – whatever water is left.”  Tap water is polluted with nasties like chlorine, and it’s been estimated that up to 40% of all bottled water is actually tap water, so Cousens recommends making your own:

1. Distill the water to get rid of pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine out of it.
2. Add 1/8 of a teaspoon of Celtic salt – just enough to get  50 parts/million – per gallon of distilled water to put hydrogen, a high-electron (ie. good) substance, into it. 
3. Let it sit overnight in the moonlight. “It gathers the energy of the earth in the moonlight. And that seems to activate the water. And then, you have very powerful, energized water that you can trust, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying bottled water – which you can’t trust.” At this point, your water has transformed into a “universal antioxidant” which can be used by all the cells in your body.

What_the_bleep_1 Water_crystal Apparently, water researchers have found that moonlight “activates” the water, and in spiritual circles, the water and moon are connected on “esoteric” levels and in many esoteric levels. In addition, water holds energy patterns, responding to its environment. Dr. Emoto – whose experiments were discussed and illustrated in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?! – if you put feelings of love or gratitude into your water before drinking it, you can physically change the atomic structure of it. “It’s been proven. You can put any prayer you want. You can put love, you can give thanks, you can put anything you want in it – hopefully you’ll want to put something positive in it – and then you stir it, and that brings energy into it in different ways,” explains Cousens. “We want to put love into it, and any other prayers you put in, so you’re drinking that love and those prayers.”

Radiance According to Cousens, nutrients are energy – particles of light, of which most of us are severely deficient. “The more minerals we have – and there’s up to 92 minerals – the more frequencies of light, frequencies of probability, frequencies of consciousness we have that kind of open us up to receive the divine.” In receiving the divine, we express our true nature, or inner beauty. “There’s an alchemical transformation from what we call a gross body and mind into a subtle body and mind that literally radiates the light of who we always have been, explains Cousens. “Literally, your body becomes so tuned in with the cosmos that it radiates the light of the cosmos. That’s the real beauty, because it’s the inner beauty. The inner beauty is really what people go for. When a man’s interested in a woman, he sees her as a rainbow radiance of the divine; he’s seeing that, and he may convert it to a sexual thing in his mind, but truly, it’s the radiance she gives off. That’s the light that’s really so attractive to people.”

One of the primary ways to express this radiance is by bringing light into our diets by having sufficent amounts of minerals. ”Minerals are frequencies of Light, frequencies of information, and frequencies of creation for the material world in the universe in which we live.” Not only is the earth – and our bodies – comprised of minerals, but they “activate all the catalysts for enzymatic reactions in the body.” They also activate all the viatimes, organs and cellular structures. “Minerals are the builders of the system.”

By eating highly mineralized food, we are able to build up our stores of minerals and enzymes; a lack of enzymes is one of the primary ways to not only compromise your immune system, but to age – quickly – as well. To absorb minerals, they need to be tiny or what scientists refer to as “angstrom” sized. Plants break minerals into angstrom-sized minerals, giving you yet another good reason to eat your five-a-day. “High minerals that really contribute to all our tissues being fully activated, and there’s a certain – literally – radiance that comes from a person that is highly mineralized. That’s where you get the beauty.”

The right minerals contribute not only to your looks, but to an overall sense of well being and vitality. By eating a wide variety of raw veggies, fruit, and plenty of leafy greens, you can get most of the minerals you need. An interesting characteristic of minerals is that many of them are only activated by other vitamins and minerals – they work in concert in “synergistic patterns” – so rather than individual components, it’s best to think of them as interdependent parts of an overall eco-system.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s Essential Beauty Minerals Shortlist:

PHOSPHORUS: for mind and mental radiance.  When you think, you burn up phosphorus, so stock up!  It is activated by calcium & silicon. Sources: Lecithin, bee pollin, nuts. Note: people who drink a lot of carbonate sodas can get an excess, causing excessive excitability and lack of concentration and willpower.
SULPHUR: excellent for skin & all the connective tissues; connects body & soul
MANGANESE: opens up the heart energy; elasticity, ligaments and muscles. Deficiencies have been linked to Down’s Syndrome, and associated with nastiness and sadistic personality traits – and is remedied by also increasing silicon, chlorine, sodium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.
SODIUM: helps maintain flexibility and being limber. Deficiencies are associated with poor intellectual ability; waking up betwee 1-5 am, and frequent violent dreams involving mayhem, distruction, snakes, floods, disasters and deaths. Best source: Real Salt or Himalayan salt
CHLORINE: the body’s cleanser, especially the liver and lymph. Vegan diets “wash” it out of the system, so to replenish, try Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt or RealSalt. Note: this is not the type of chlorine added to the water, which is linked to skin disorders like acne and eczema, and possible bladder & colon cancer, as well as heart disease. One study even found that green and black tea reacted to chlorinated tap water to form carcingenic compounds. Also, the skin can absorb 6-100 times more chlorine than by drinking it, so if your shower water is contains chlorine, install a low-cost chlorine shower filter.
SILICA: a natural, complex form of silicon, it keeps tissues elastic, ligaments strong, and skin tone radiant. Works with iodine and sodium to regulate how calcium is used – as long as the ratio of silicon to calcium remains high, it results in looking youthful. A good source: Nature’s First Law bamboo sap. Also good – flax seeds and nuts.
SULPHUR: important for the skin, hair & nails. Considered by some to be the “foundation mineral of all beauty.” Is activated by vitamin C. A great source: MSM (You’re My Everything from is great).
IRON: works with oxygen to create vitality; keeps the immune system strong. According to David Wolfe, almost 60% of meat eaters are iron-deficient. Because vitamin C dramatically enhances iron absorption, vegetarians tend to be less iron deficient than carnivores. The best source: chlorophyll from a raw green juice (some mad science about juice – as opposed to solid food – being held in the duodenum long enough for the iron to be absorbed.)
OXYGEN: which is very important for radiance, strengthens everything, and is anti-aging. Deficiencies are associated with cancer. Do deep breathing exercises – as in yoga asana practice. Also, eating high iron foods such as watery fruits and veggies, and liquid chlorophyll (those live green juices again!).
FLUORINE: good for the bones; when it combines with calcium, it creates calcium fluoride, a “longevity compound.” Found primarily in raw fruits & veggies. However, the minute it’s exposed to heat, it becomes unstable & is destroyed.  Note: Fluorine is not the same as  the sodium fluoride – a poisonous by-produce of aluminium production – that is misguidedly added to public drinking water to “protect teeth” but actually kills more people from cancer than any other chemical. No acceptable double-blind studies have ever linked it to healthy teeth; in fact, it was first used by the Nazis in the camps to sterilize, control and harm the prisoners. It is a primary ingredient in both Prozac and sarin nerve gas.

Also Mandatory for Primo Health:

CALCIUM: for good teeth and healthy bone metabolism. Note: combine with foods high in sodium & chlorine. Diary products & table salt can actually lead to calcium loss in the body – yes, milk & yogurt do the opposite of what’s advertised. Instead, opt for leafy greens, seeds, nuts, sesame seeds and dulse.
CARBON: creates cell growth
HYDROGEN: as the hydrating mineral, it carries nutrients into the cells. Good sources: juicy fruits and veggies like berries, cherries, watermelon, tomatoes, cabbage & raw veggie juice.
IODINE: controls calcium and cell metabolism & prevents goiters. Helps prevent cataracts by keeping the calcium from being “pulled out.”  In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, dulse is a great source.
MAGNESIUM: keeps you relaxed & is nature’s laxative. Combined with calcium, it is anti-aging and creates healthy bones, teeth & tissues: with vitamin B6, it helps combat menstrual problems.
NITROGEN: exists in a delicate balance with oxygen, and combines additionally with hydrogen & carbon to create strong vital organs. Excesses – usually resulting from meat-eating – can lead to absent-mindedness and lethargy. Deficiencies can create fatigue to the point of laziness & lack of sexual energy. Nuts, spirulina and algae are great sources.
POTASSIUM: Creates well-being. Works with sodium to enable the body to utilize hydrogen and oxygen. Avoid common table salt as it throws off the balance of potassium & sodium. Bitter greens and watercress contain tons of it.
ZINC: healthy skin & rebuilding of collagen; works with vitamin A and sulfur to create strong hair. Also associated with sexual vitality and development, as well as the immune system. Possibly the most important anti-oxidant & impacts over 300 enzymes & enzymatic reactions. Good sources: seeds, coconut, and some nuts.
COBALT: Part of the B12 complex.
COPPER: protects against parasite infections. Found in leafy greens and almonds.
GERMANIUM: increases oxygen intake in the body and helps it detox. Found in leafy green veggies.
SELENIUM: Works with Vitamin E to improve immunity and protect against heart disease & cancer. Deficiencies associated with Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, infertility and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Most of the soil has long been depleted of selenium, so the best sources are bee pollen from Nebraska and South Dakota, Himalayan Salt, some vegetables, and angstrom-sized supplements.
MOLYBDENUM: activates Vitamin C in foods; fights cancer & promotes healthy cell function. As it’s not available in most foods, the best source is a angstrom-sized supplement.
VANADIUM: regulates blood sugar & helps fight Type II diabetes.
BORON: Enables the body to assimilate calcium & magnesium, making it vital for strong bones, and facilitates the functioning of vitamin D. May help prevent prostate cancer. Found in nuts, avocados, non-citrus fruits (apples, pears, plums, grapes).
CHROMIUM: works with vanadium to regulate blood sugar & combat Type II diabetes.
VITAMIN B12: Important for vegans, whose diet creates “analogs” which block and nullify the vitamin when it’s ingested from vegan sources like the blue-green algaes. Cousens recommends a living B12 supplement (they have one extracted from yeast, available at 
BLUE-GREEN ALGAE & SPIRULINA - E3Live is a great addition to any diet - it's one of the most live and active - as well as blue-green algae from Klamath Lake.

A new body of research has revealed that the so-called Platinum Group Metalssilver, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, and iridium – have incredible heath-promoting properties in their “monatomic” state. (ie. at the atomic level, they are clustered in groups insufficiently large to turn into metal structures).

When angstrom-sized, researchers are discovering these minerals to have incredible health properties, as well as anti-cancer qualities “because the high-electron energy helps reorganize the DNA.” According to Cousens, iridium may in fact be the manna (from the Mesopotamian shem-an-na) – of biblical legend – and the fountain of youth at the end of the proverbial rainbow. Meaning “iridescent” – or rainbow – it is has shown up throughout history, and across many cultures. Ancient alchemists like Paracelsus called this “alchemical gold” the Philosopher’s Stone; in Greece, it was the Golden Fleece, while in Ireland, it lay at the end of the rainbow, fiercely guarded Leprechauns. Today, it has been discovered to have amazing cancer-fighting properties, able in some cases to revert an abnormal cancer cell back to its proper form and structure.  “Researchers found that iridium and rhodium also have anti-aging properties and these platinum compounds also interacted with the DNA to reprogram the DNA back to normal.”

While a quest might be fun, if you can’t get the time off work, a more convenient way to introduce Platinum Group Metals and Iridium into your diet is with a high quality supplement called Ultimatium, available at

Cousens points out that almost 80% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors, and as we continue to lose our controls against environmental pollution and destruction – the outlook is bleak. One of the best ways to protect yourself, your health and your looks is by fasting.

One of the fastest ways to jumpstart your way to a radiant physique is with fasting. The primary benefits of fasting are:

  • Fasting gets rid of the toxins that prevent you from being radiant
  • By consuming less food, the body can channel that energy not only into cleaning up the body, but re-building & beautifying. “You’re literally turning on the anti-aging genes in a very short time when you’re fasting.”
  • An important note on detoxing through fasting: the breast & protate are where most of the pesticides and herbicides are stored in the body, in the fatty tissues – and are the most predominant types of cancers. By fasting twice a year, you keep cleaning these areas out so they don’t turn into “a toxic storage dump.”

The Tree of Life offers a ten day detox fast and typically, within a week, people start to glow and look a decade younger. Cousens recommends at least two 7 day fasts annually – the first should be under the guidance of someone who knows what they’re doing. After that, you’ll be empowered enough to do it on your own the next time. “We have it within our power to really heal ourselves and heal the planet.

Even though there’s a lot of toxins and nasties confronting us daily, we are not without a remedy. “The good news is: we have a way to cope with it which naturally brings beauty and radiance, and that’s the live food and the fasting. What we’re looking at when we’re talking about eating for beauty, is we’re eating for health, we’re eating for inner radiance, and that brings the natural outer radiance. That’s really the message we have here at the Tree of Life.”

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